For information regarding fees, please see our dedicated fee page.

Reminders and Recalls

We have partnered with HotDoc to ensure our patients are recieving timely reminders for their care. Expect a text from us when your next appointment or results follow up is due.


We take the utmost care to ensure that your conversations and data remains absolutely confidential. To see a full list of how we manage your information and data, click here.

Cancelations and Non Attendance

Our practitioners time is valuable which is why we have fees for late cancellations and non attendance. Please cancel your appointment at least four hours prior to the scheduled commencement.

Leave A Note

Unexpected health concerns and needs can be stressful and we understand that speaking to a doctor is important, however we will not interrupt a doctors consults unless it is an emergency. We will take a note and pass it to your doctor when they are out of their consults.


Results are confidential and can be quite indepth with a lot of information needing to be unpacked. We leave it up to the professionals to break down your results, which is why our reception staff wil not give you your results via phone or email until a doctor has reviewed them first.


Quality care needs time to be delivered, which is why we require appointments for all scripts and referrals, including imaging and pathology. Please consider rebooking for your next script or follow up appointment before you leave.