At VMHC we are a private billing clinic which means there will be an out of pocket fee, however that does not mean we put fees above our patients. If you have any concerns regardging fincances creating a barrier between you and your health care please call us so we can assist you.

We provide discounts to people who hold valid and non-expired DVA, pension and health care cards. 

We understand that many of our patients have private healthcare. At the moment we cannot accept private health care however we can print out an invoice for you to lodge and claim reimbursment from your selected provider. 

Do you feel that healthcare should be completely funded? Do you feel that out of pocket costs are unreasonable? So do we, however we also cannot run the clinic on bulk billing appointments any more. Due to inflation and the rising costs of medical supplies and equipment, utilities and rent we are having to charge out of pocket costs. This is not our ideal model of healthcare. We strongly encourage you to write to your MP and express your grievances. Please locate your MP here.