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Bit of Lizzie spam for you all!!! She’s got adorable pooches - all either full or mixed breed Corgies. Guess who else has Corgi in them???? Yep - Mascot 1 (aka Stanley, @stan_the_man_2012 ). His leg length is thanks to a pooch in his family tree being a Corgi!!!!
The Queen with her beloved Corgis and Dorgis - Holly, Willow, Vulcan & Candy by the wonderful Annie Leibovitz

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Changes came in on Oct 1st that mean we will now be charging a private fee for Telehealth consultations. But don’t worry because Medicare rebates are available for you. See our post at 8am tomorrow morning with more information or contact us at the clinic ...

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3 weeks ago

Vitality Medical Health Centre

Well what a day was had by Mascot 1 and Mascot 2. Ventured to the dog beach (so lucky to live within 5km) and our humans popped on their funny muzzle things (aka face masks) and we ran wild! Stan swam and swam and swam....and dug! Theo adventured into the water but suddenly there was no sand beneath his feet! Panic stations! (Found out he cant swim 🥺) and then he saw the seaweed! Turns out it doesn’t taste like sushi 🍣🙊. So much fun had by peeps and pooches. Recharge the batteries for a jam packed week coming up at the clinic. Telehealth changes are happening. Stay tuned for another announcement about that tomorrow. (Email was sent Wednesday so check your inbox!) ...

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